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Sage 300 COR Sync

How to Create a COR in eSUB and Push it to Sage 300

Create Change Orders in eSUB to send to a client (General Contractor, Owner) then approve the change orders in eSUB and send to Sage Accounting Software with just a few clicks!


Step 1 - Ensure the Project is Linked to a Sage 300 Project.

  1. Select the "Edit Pencil" for the project that needs linked


2. Ensure that the drop down below is linked to the correct job.


Step 2 - Create Pending COR in eSUB

  1. Select the project you want to use
  2. Create → Change Order Requests


3. Fill in Required Fields (red)

4. Select "Manage Line Items" for each line item that you would like sage to increase the budget

a. Use the line item breakdown to reflect the actual costs of the change order

b. Use the "Hidden Markup" input to reflect what price you would like to show the client.

c. Note: to use with Sage, ALL LINE ITEMS MUST have a "Phase/Cost Code" and "Category" (if applicable) filled out.


5. Save Data


Step 3 - Approve COR after GC Approval

  1. Logs → Change Order Requests


2. Click Approve/Void (Stamp)


a. Fill in "Approved Amount"

b. Change COR Status to "Approved"

c. Select the "Contract"

d. Select the Contract Item or +New Contract Item (Cannot exceed 10 characters)

e. Checkmark "Send to Sage300"

f. Save Data

NOTE: This process may take several minutes to complete and send to Sage.


3. Click COR Log to Exit.

4. When the Transaction is complete, Green Sage logo will appear as shown below.


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