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I just received my login information. Now what should I do?

Take a look at the online eSUB Help Center at You can also access the Help Center through your account. Log in and click on the question mark in the upper right corner.

How long will my implementation take?

Implementation can vary from account to account. We highly recommend logging into eSUB often to become familiar with the navigation and to have specific questions to bring to your training sessions. The more you practice in the eSUB, the faster you will be able to move from one training session to the next.

What should I provide to eSUB in order for my account to be ready for training?

What are the differences between users, contacts, and employees?

It is common for one person to be a variety of these different categories.

  • Users: Anyone that will be logging into eSUB
  • Contacts: Anyone that will be sending or receiving emails through eSUB.
  • Employees: Anyone that will have their time inputted into eSUB.

I sent in my signature, why doesn’t it show up?

Once your signature is added into eSUB, make sure that you have granted access to whoever needs it. You can check to see who has access by going to Navigate>Administration>Company Setup>Signature. Click on the pencil icon. Make sure the granted access box is checked for the correct user(s).


What do the different user levels mean? 

eSUB user levels determine what areas/features the user can access.

For a full list of user level access, see related article: User Level Access Breakdown

Please keep in mind that you can further limit a user’s settings. From the Select Project page go to Administration>User Log. Select the lock icon next to the user’s name. Update their permissions as needed and click Save Data.

How will eSUB store the emails I send and receive?

When you send an email through eSUB, a binding code will be added to the email and a copy will be stored in eSUB. Whenever you receive a reply to an email that was sent through eSUB, a copy will be added into your eSUB account. You can add an email into your eSUB account by forwarding it to

How can I access the mobile app?

Search for “eSUB Field Works” in the Google Play store or the Apple store. Download the app and you will be ready to log in with your credentials.

How does eSUB integrate with accounting?

eSUB can push time for any accounting package as long as the accounting package accepts a flat file. Talk to your assigned eSUB Trainer to get more details about your specific accounting package.


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