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Enable PlanGrid in eSUB


eSUB Executive Administrators can enable PlanGrid with their eSUB account.

PlanGrid Integration allows users to:

  • Attach PlanGrid snapshots to eSUB documents
  • (optional) Synchronize PlanGrid and eSUB RFI's

Requirements for PlanGrid Integration:

  • Active PlanGrid subscription
  • PlanGrid API Key
  • eSUB Executive Administrator user level
Table of Contents

Enable PlanGrid Integration

  1. Go to Navigate > Administration > Company Setup > Company Preferences > PlanGrid
  2. Select the Enable PlanGrid check-box
  3. Enter your PlanGrid API Key in the API Key field
  4. (optional) Select the Enable RFI Synchronization check-box
  5. Select Save Data 

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Associate eSUB Project to PlanGrid Project

NOTE: PlanGrid integration must first be enabled before proceeding.

Via Edit Project Information page

User must be a Project Manager user level or higher.

From the Select Project page:

  1. Select the Edit (pencil) icon on the project
  2. Select the PlanGrid project from the PlanGrid drop-down menu
  3. Select Save Data when finished

Via Company Setup

User must be an Executive Administrator user level.

  1. Go to Navigate > Administration > Company Setup > Company Preferences > PlanGrid
  2. Select Project Mappings
  3. Select the desired eSUB project in the eSUB Project drop-down menu
  4. Select the desired PlanGrid project in the PlanGrid Project drop-down menu
  5. Select Associate 

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Attach PlanGrid Snapshot to eSUB Document

  1. Select the Attach (paperclip) icon on any document that supports attachments 
  2. Select PlanGrid 
  3. Select the check box on the desired snapshot(s)
  4. Select Attach Snapshots 

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Enable PlanGrid RFI Integration

Click Here to view the associated Help Center article

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Launch PlanGrid from eSUB

Select the project, then:

A. Select PlanGrid from the top menu bar


B. Select the PlanGrid icon

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