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Enable PlanGrid in eSUB

To enable PlanGrid in eSUB you will need administrator privileges.

  1. Once logged in go to Navigate>Administration>Company Setup>Company Preferences>PlanGrid. 
  2. Make sure to check the box to Enable PlanGrid and enter the API Key provided by PlanGrid and Save Data. (Please contact PlanGrid to get the required API Key)
  3. Next you'll want to click on "Project Mappings" to begin to associate your eSUB projects with your PlanGrid projects. 
    • Using the eSUB project drop down menu, select the desired project
    • Using the PlanGrid Project drop down menu, select the PlanGrid project you'd like to associate to your eSUB project
    • Click Associate (Associated projects will appear on this page in a log, click the  button to delete the project association
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