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Import Contacts

Easily Import your contacts into eSUB using the attached excel spreadsheet. Prior to importing your contacts you'll want to make sure that all required fields have been filled out. You could also export your contacts from your email (See export contacts

Fill out the attached excel spreadsheet:

*All Columns in red are required fields. 

Contact Type

You will have to fill out the “ContactType” column.  Every Contact that is imported must have an initial of what type of Contact Type it is.  Below is an outline of the Contact Types.

"A" (Architect)

"O" (Owner)

"G" (General Contractor)

"Sub" (Subcontractor)

"E" (Employee)

"S" (Supplier)

"V" (Vendor)

"C" (Consultant)

Any rows without a contact type code will default to "E"

Import to eSUB

Next you'll need to import your contacts into eSUB. Follow the steps outlined below:

  • Navigate > Administration 
  • Next click on "Company Setup"
  • And select the option to "Import Contacts" at the bottom of the next page
  • Once you've clicked on the "Import Contacts" option, browse for the estimates import spreadsheet that you previously created and upload click on "Import File"
  • Your eSUB account will then give you a progress message until the import has completed. 
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