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Corporate Calendar

View the calendar containing scheduled meeting items, milestones and notes for the selected Project(s).  


Search Box


Select a specific Project or the status of the Projects to which you wish to limit the corporate calendar display.

Click the Search For... button to view the corporate calendar display for the selected Project or status.

Calendar Icons

Dates having associated items are flagged with icons as illustrated below.

  •   Project Milestone (scheduled)
  •   Project Milestone (made)
  •   Project Milestone (slipped)
  •   Project Milestone (missed)
  •   Action Items
  •   Meeting
  •   Safety Meeting
  •   Equipment Delivery
  •   Material Delivery
  •   Calendar Note

You may see details about any item by hovering the mouse over the desired icon. You may edit the calendar item by clicking the desired icon; this will move you into the calendar item's associated Project.

You may click on the Calendar's dates to display a different calendar day, or click "Prev" to view the previous month or "Next" to view the following month's calendar.



  • Projects marked as training Projects on the Add Project and Edit Project pages are not included in the Corporate Management results.

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