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Upload All Projects File

Upload files to your eSUB database for your Company. Existing All Project files are listed in a log at the bottom of the page.

From the project management menu select Files > All Projects

File Path

Enter the full file path of the file you wish to upload.  Click the Upload File button to find the file on your computer or network.

Click the Upload button to upload the file to your eSUB database.

File Folder

Select an file folder for the file uploaded.

File Description

Enter a description of the file uploaded.

Click the Finish button to accept the entered/edited data and file the description in your eSUB database.

Search Box


Select an upload category on which to base your uploaded file search (select "All" if you wish to include all statuses.)

Click the Search button to view a log of all uploaded files meeting the selection criteria.


Displays various Action Icons that allow you to manage an existing uploaded file.

    Click to edit the associated uploaded file.

    Click to view the associated uploaded file.

   Click to delete the associated uploaded file.

    Click to download the associated uploaded file 

File Date

Displays the date on which the file was uploaded.


Displays the description of the file uploaded.


Displays the description of the file uploaded.


Displays a thumbnail icon of the uploaded file type.



  • You may upload any electronic file with the following exceptions:  executable files (file extension ".exe") and web files (extensions ".htm", ".html", ".asp".)

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