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Job Cost Estimates


Job cost estimates allow for a project’s estimated costs and hours to be compared to the project’s actual costs and hours on various reports in eSUB. Job cost estimates may be entered manually or imported via Excel spreadsheet. Setting up job cost estimates is part of the new project configuration process in eSUB.

Job cost estimates appear on the following reports and graphs:

  • As Planned Hours
  • Cost Code Summary
  • Material Cost Summary
  • Financial Summary
  • As Planned Hours by Week
  • As Planned Hours by Cost Code
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Enter/Edit job cost estimates

Select the project, then:

  1. Go to Project > Configure > Add Job Cost Estimates
  2. (If more than one phase) Select the Edit (pencil) icon on the desired phase
  3. Fill in the fields as needed
  4. Select Save

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Import job cost estimates

eSUB will import job cost estimates as a courtesy to our subscribers. We highly recommend to send your job cost estimates import to Support for importing. Please download and complete the most current Excel template and send to A notification will be sent once the import is complete.

To go against recommendation and import job cost estimates manually, please follow the steps below:

Select the project, then:

  1. Download and complete the Excel template
  2. Go to Project > Configure > Advanced Setup > Import Estimates
  3. Select Browse
  4. Locate and select the completed Excel template
  5. Select Open
  6. Select Import File

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