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Create Meeting Minutes

Create a new meeting minutes log for the current Project. The meeting minutes log is a great tool for a project punchlist. 



Copy From

Select existing meeting minutes that you wish to duplicate in order to use as a basis for a new meeting minutes log.  


Meeting Minutes Subject

Enter the subject of the meeting.

Meeting Minutes Date

Enter the creation date of the meeting.

Prepared By

Select the person who is creating the meeting minutes record.


Enter the people who attended the meeting.

Line Items

Item Number

Enter the number of the item. Line items are placed in chronological order. If item number break downs, i.e., (4-1, 4-2) are required use a hyphen (-) instead of a decimal place (.) to ensure the list is sorted properly.

Line Subject

Enter the subject of the meeting line item.


Enter the meeting notes.


Select the person responsible for the item.

Enter Date

Enter the start and due date of the line item.


Check the box if item is completed.

Add new

Enter a new line item from the meeting.

Action Icons

Delete Line Item   

Add Line Item       

Append Line Item  


Schedule Next Meeting

Next Meeting

Enter the subject of the next meeting.

Next Meeting Date

Enter the date of the next meeting.

Next Meeting Time

Enter the time of the next meeting.

Next Meeting Location

Enter the location of the next meeting.

Save Data

Save the meeting minutes log.

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