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Create a Purchase Order or Request For Pricing

This video is on how to create a Purchase Order or a Request For Pricing.  It reviews entering line items, material database, emailing, vendor replying, acknowledgements, purchase order log, action items, tracking shipments, entering quantity received, reports.


  1. Select a project from the Select Project screen
  2. Go to Job Cost Docs > Purchase Order. This will take you to the Purchase Order Log.JCD-POMenu.jpg
  3. Select the Create PO tab.CreatePO.jpg

Entering a Purchase Order or Request For Pricing

  1. You have the option to copy from existing Purchase Orders or Requests For Pricing documents. 
  2. Select the type of document you wish to create, Purchase Order or Request For Pricing. 
  3. Enter in all the required information and Save Data

Once you've created your Purchase Order or Request For Pricing, you're ready to enter Line Items. 

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