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Change Order Request Form Customization


eSUB allows for the default Change Order Request form to be customized to suit a wide range of needs, most commonly for:

  • Time and Material Tickets (T&M)
  • Proposals
  • Field Work Orders
  • Estimates

This article will guide the reader through each customizable feature in the Change Order Request form and shows an example of the most common use scenario – Customizing a Change Order Request form to become a T&M Ticket.

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Example: The COR below has been modified for use as a T&M Ticket

Table of Contents

Step One: Enable Custom Name and modify Reservation of Rights text

  1. Go to Navigate Administration Company Setup Company Preferences > CORs
  2. In the Default Reservation Of Rights Text field, delete the text which references to a COR
  3. Select Yes on the Custom Name Enabled field
  4. Select Save Data

Step Two: Modify Field Names via Label Manager

  1. Go to Navigate Administration Company Setup Label Manager
  2. Select Change Order Request from the Label Type drop down menu and select Search
  3. Use the Label Manager to change labels which reference to a COR
  4. Select Save Data

Step Three: Use Custom Name field on COR form

Any text entered on the Custom Name field when creating a COR will show up as the title in the upper right-hand corner of the COR form. To make a T&M Ticket, for example, use Custom Name to change the form’s title from COR to T&M Ticket.

Select the project, then:

  1. Go to Create > Change Order Requests
  2. Enter the desired document name in the Custom Name field
  3. Fill out other fields as desired
  4. Select Save Data
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