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Q4 2019 Product Updates

The eSUB Team has wrapped up the year with extremely valuable enhancements that were submitted by several users. Many of these enhancements are very subcontractor-specific and cannot be solved in project management systems that are made for general contractors. Thank you for your continued suggestions in making eSUB the leading field data and operations platform for subcontractors.


  • Excel Import - Using the template provided, Project Managers and Administrators can import their submittal item registry Excel log directly into eSUB. The Excel Import saves countless hours in data entry and ensures accuracy of information entering Submittal Items. Upon import, the Project Engineer can review and edit items in the Submittal Item log as needed. 
  • Submittal Item Log - The new Submittal Items Log creates, tracks, and manages submittal items at the detailed level that trade contractors need for proactive construction project management. More importantly, project managers and administrators can import their submittal registry Excel log directly into eSUB saving countless hours in data entry.

Change Order:

  • Sell Price – "Sell Price" field has been added so that Project Managers and Administrators can add a Sell Price to a Change Order request to track costs and pricing separately. The Cost field allows Project Managers and Administrators to track of costs while the Sell Price displays pricing to General Contractors and Owner customers (without having to worry about markups and miscalculations). This is valuable when managing Change Orders and costs in eSUB while maintaining strong collaborative relationships with their General Contractors and Owner customers.


  • Print/Download Preferences - Don’t want to show your costs or cost codes to your GC? As a project manager, you can select the fields you would like included in your Change Order request. This is valuable when sending a Change Order request to your General Contractor or Owner customer and would like to remove details such as costing and markups!! NOTE: Default options are set in Administration.



 Cost Detail Report - The "Project Additional Cost" field has been added to the Cost Detail report so Project Managers can now do cost projections at a cost code level. eSUB works to deliver real-time job costs to help customers proactively manage project costs and make MORE money on projects.


Sage 300 Integration - The Cost Detail report has been updated to include Actual Costs from Sage 300. Project Managers and Administrators can now view cost-to-complete details at the cost code-level.



Timecard Management – In the new Timecard Management, time reviewers and approvers can sort timecards in different ways. This allows users the flexibility to view information as they need it to review and approve timecards quickly and effectively.



Issues – Project Managers and Administrators can now link multiple issues to an eSUB document and provides the ability to review all issues related to a document in one central place. Centralizing document control around specific issues stays core to eSUB’s roots in risk mitigation for subcontractors.



PlanGrid Integration – The eSUB-PlanGrid integration has been updated to allow Field Supervisor to launch the PlanGrid mobile app directly from within eSUB. This makes training Field Supervisors much easier: eSUB serves as the primary mobile app: capturing data-rich information for daily reports including labor hours, material installed, equipment used, and more to proactively track real-time labor productivity; with easy access to other tools for drawing and plan management like PlanGrid and BIM 360.



Digital Signature – Previously only eSUB Support can upload and manage Digital Signatures. Now, your Executive Administrators have the ability to upload, edit, and delete digital signatures.  Save time and be more productive on eSUB quicker by no longer needing to wait on support for administration tasks. 


Duplicate Project Numbers Alert – When creating new projects, Project Administrators receive an alert when trying to create a project with a duplicate project number to eliminate the creation of duplicate projects.


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