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Q3 2019 Product Updates

This past quarter the eSUB team released several major enhancements including: a new product, UI improvements, improved workflows to save time, QuickBooks integration updates, and more!

NEW PRODUCT: My Schedule in eSUB Time - My Schedule is a new feature within eSUB Time that delivers schedule information to employees directly to their mobile device. eSUB helps optimize mobile workforce management by linking its Resource Management module for scheduling employees with eSUB Time to bring scheduling and time tracking together.  NOTE: Accounts must have an active subscription to eSUB Time and Resource Management to enable this feature.

QB Connector Update

  • Sales Tax – When an eSUB Purchase Order is sent to QuickBooks, the Sales Tax amount is sent to QuickBooks PO as a line item.
  • QuickBooks Sync – The Purchase Order log displays the QuickBooks logo on Purchase Orders that have been synced to QuickBooks. This helpful visual indicator lets the user quickly identify which POs still need to be sent to QuickBooks without clicking into the Purchase Order detail.

Workflow Improvements  

  • eSUB File Anywhere – With eSUB’s File Anywhere, users can easily share and link related eSUB documents. Previously, if users wanted to make an eSUB document available in the Project Files folder, the user would need to download the PDF, save it to the desktop, and then upload the file into Project Files. eSUB File Anywhere accomplishes this with a push of the “Add to eSUB Files” button.
  • Daily Reports: Enter Time by Employee (Web) – When creating daily reports on the web, users can select their crews first and then select what cost codes they worked on. This is helpful for larger projects where there is more than one crew working.  Note: This setting must be configured in DR Administration.
  •  Daily Report: Unsaved Information Warning (Web) – When trying to navigate to another page from the Daily Report, a pop-up notice will display the warning, “'There is unsaved Daily Report Information here. If you continue, this information will be lost. Would you like to continue?”
  • Template Project: Copy Cost Code Assignments – This allows customers that utilize certain cost codes for different divisions or project types to create a specific template. By copying cost code assignments in the template, users will save time when setting up a new project.
  • Customer Correspondence: Copy from Previous - Any Custom Correspondence can now copy from previous ones. This is a great time saver when creating daily custom correspondences, such as JHAs or Work Plans.


  • Cost Detail Report – Labels have been updated to accurately display Estimated/Committed instead of Actual.
  • Hours Breakdown Report - The Time Record approver’s name and date the records were approved displays in the Hours Breakdown report. This provides greater accountability and easier auditing when reviewing time records. Note: This is a setting that must be enabled in Accounting Administration.
  • Labor Productivity Report (previously known as the Percent of Efficiency Report) – The figures in the report extend to 2 decimal places for more precision.

BIM 360 Integration Update – The eSUB-BIM 360 integration update includes eSUB File Anywhere capabilities to enable the automatic file syncing of eSUB Project File folders with BIM 360 Project Files. Sending eSUB Files to BIM 360, then allows the user to hyperlink those files directly to plans or models.

Updated Navigation Menu – The Navigation Menu has been simplified into more clearly defined categories. This helps users find important items more quickly by reducing the number of menu items and organizing items by their function.

Select Project Screen Update - The Select Project screen now features a responsive design to deliver a simpler User Experience (UX) for everyone, including users in the field. Regardless of device – computer, tablet, or smartphone – users can easily navigate through their projects. Additionally, the improved searching and filtering capabilities allow users to quickly find project information.


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