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My Schedule
Bringing time tracking + scheduling together

We are excited to announce that My Schedule in eSUB Time is here! Now, you can empower your field team with real-time schedule updates.

What is My Schedule?
My Schedule is a new feature within eSUB Time that delivers schedule information to employees directly to their mobile device. eSUB helps optimize mobile workforce management by linking its Resource Management module for scheduling employees with eSUB Time to bring scheduling and time tracking together.

What does this mean for my organization?
My Schedule requires an active subscription to eSUB Time and eSUB’s Resource Management module. Through eSUB’s Resource Management module, users assign resources and equipment to various projects. When used in conjunction with eSUB Time, any changes made to the schedule will update on the employee’s eSUB Time mobile app in real-time. Automate scheduling and eliminate lost time on paper schedules.

What does this mean for my field employees?
This update does NOT affect Field Works mobile app users. My Schedule enables your field employees using the eSUB Time mobile app to view their schedule in real-time. Clicking on the map in My Schedule opens the user’s preferred Map application to supply driving directions to job location.

What does this mean for my office employees?
Through the Resource Management module, your office employees can make changes to the schedule and rest assured that field employees know exactly where they need to be and what they need to be working on.


Take mobile workforce management to the next level and contact your Client Success Manager to learn more about My Schedule in eSUB Time. 




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