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Trade contractors utilize eSUB to create, distribute, manage and track the various documents generated during construction projects. Having these eSUB documents easily accessible is critical to keep projects moving forward, but, more importantly, they help to mitigate risk for trade contractors.

With eSUB’s File Anywhere, users can easily share these important documents and link related documents throughout the construction process.


What is eSUB File Anywhere?
eSUB File Anywhere is a new feature in eSUB that allows users to easily and quickly send any eSUB Document (including Field Notes, Correspondence, Submittals, RFIs, and more) to the Project Files. Now, users can easily attach an RFI to a Change Order request. Perhaps you need to attach the approved Submittal to a Purchase Order. Adding supporting documentation provides extra clarity around the “WHY” of a document to expedite the approval process.

Users must select the Download as PDF icon in the Action panel and select Add to eSUB Files. Previously, if users wanted to make an eSUB document available in the Project Files folder, the user would need to download the PDF, save it to the desktop, and then upload the file into Project Files. eSUB File Anywhere accomplishes this with a push of a button. 

Users can easily attach any eSUB file to another eSUB document and make it available to the field via the Field Works mobile app Project Files folder.


How does this eSUB File Anywhere integrate with BIM 360?

The BIM 360 integration has been enhanced to enable the automatic file syncing of eSUB Project File folders with BIM 360 Project Files. NOTE: To enable eSUB File Anywhere to synchronize files with your BIM 360 Docs account, you may need to update your eSUB-BIM 360 integration. Please contact support for assistance.


 Because the synchronization is automatic, users will need to enable folder sync permissions under Administration >> Company Setup >> Company Preferences >> BIM 360 Docs >> File Push Permissions. 


Users can then hyperlink the eSUB Documents directly to plans and models. When viewing the plans and models, users can view the eSUB documents to reference as needed. With eSUB File Anywhere and its integration with Autodesk BIM 360, eSUB delivers a more integrated drawing management workflow. 




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