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Navigation Menu Redesign and Select Project Screen


The eSUB user family has grown tremendously over the years, and with that growth comes the need for eSUB to evolve to be more modern, mobile and flexible. We are conducting a phased rollout of updates to the eSUB User Interface (UI). This phased approach helps so to not overwhelm users with monumental changes all at once while allowing our team to keep up improvements.

The Navigation Menu and Select Project Screen will be updated Friday, September 6th. The most important thing in this transition to the new eSUB User Experience is YOU – our users. Please give us your feedback as we continue to improve eSUB and contact support at on how we can help best transition your team. 

Additional resources to help your team navigate the changes in the updated Navigation Menu:


Highlights of the Redesigned Navigation Menu – New, intuitive user experience

Many customers have reported that they “can’t ever find anything.” The top navigation bar was cluttered with too many menu items that made it difficult for users to find things quickly. We listened and that's why we have redesigned the navigation menu to be more concise with more clearly defined categories.  

Before: Project-level Navigation


After: Project-level Navigation



Simplified, Persona-based Navigation Categories - The navigation menu has been simplified into more intuitive categories. For example, documents that have financial impact such as Change Orders Requests, Purchase Orders, Subcontracts, and Pay Applications reside in the Job Cost Docs. Whereas Construction Documents include documents such as Field Notes, Daily Reports, RFIs, Submittals, Meeting Minutes, Equipment Rental, Correspondence Toolbox, and Drawing Sets.

Start Project Construction Docs Job Cost Docs Files
start.png project.png construction_Docs.png job_cost_docs.png files.png


Reduce Duplicate Documents – With the simplified navigation, there is no separation between  “Create” and “Log” as in the previous navigation. While this saved "clicks" when creating new documents, this lack of separation caused many customers to mistakenly create duplicate documents in eSUB. Many customers have reported concerns about the lack of ability to delete documents. In order to maintain the integrity of eSUB as your system of record and a general best practice, we do not provide the ability to delete documents. Directing users to the “Log” menu versus “Create” allows users to review the logs, verifying that a document wasn’t already created by someone else, and then creating a document. This workflow drastically reduces the creation of duplicate documents.





Reports and graphs – Rather than a long list of Reports that provide little context to the user, the Reports and Graphs have been consolidated and organized according to type of report.


Reports Graphs
Old-Navigation-Report.png Old-Navigation-Graph.png



Highlights of the Select Project screen – A refreshed look and responsive design


The Select Project screen did not utilize the screen real estate in the most effective manner. The new Select Project screen displays content that is important to the User in a more visually appealing manner.


Responsive design – The updated Select Project screen now features a responsive design to deliver a more consistent User Experience (UX) regardless of device – computer, tablet or smartphone.


Actual Hours vs. Estimated Hours – New hours remaining bar graphically displays the actual hours used against the remaining hours left in the estimate.




Improved Searching and Filtering – Dynamic search capabilities allows users to search by numbers or text to quickly find your selected project. In addition to sorting and filtering by project status, the User can now filter by division and market area to refine their view. Improved filtering includes the ability to select multiple options in filtering.


Notification Badge -  Projects will now display a notification badge to display the number of changes since last login. Once clicked, you will be able to see exactly what documents have been changed or added since last login.  





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