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Q1 2019 Product Updates

The eSUB Product Management and Development team released the following product enhancements in eSUB during the first quarter of 2019.


eSUB Documents

  • Smart Search for Contacts - The workflow of creating documents (RFIs, CORs, Submittals, POs, Subcontracts, SCO, Pay Applications, Drawing Sets, Equipment Rental, and Meeting Minutes) in eSUB has been improved through the new "Smart Search" feature. Users enter text to quickly search for the appropriate contact and no longer need to scroll through a large lists of contacts. 
  • Return To Field Auto-Populate - The From field also automatically populates based on the logged in user. 



Sage 300 CRE (formerly Timberline) Connector

  • Purchase Order Integration - The Sage 300 Connector allows for the bi-directional synchronization of Purchase Orders between eSUB and Sage 300. Depending on your workflows, Purchase Orders can now be sent to or received from Sage. Most importantly, individual Purchase Orders line items update when changes are made in Sage so that Purchase Orders in eSUB reflect the most up to date information.


Quickbooks Connector 

  • Purchase Order Integration - The QuickBooks Connector now allows the syncing of eSUB Purchase Orders to QuickBooks Purchase Orders. This is a toggle so users have the flexibility to sync eSUB Purchase Orders to QuickBooks Bills OR QuickBooks Purchase Orders.


The individual line items in an eSUB Purchase Order will push as individual line items in a QuickBooks Purchase Order.

Web View of Purchase Order in eSUB eSUBPO.png


Purchase Order in QuickBooks QuickbooksPO.png


eSUB Time Web

  • Time Card Approval - When a time card has been approved, eSUB Time Web will now display who approved the time card. Eliminate the back and forth regarding "Who approved this time card?" or "When was this time card approved?" In the Time Record Detail, users will be able to quickly see who approved a time card and when it was approved."


  • Time Settings - Requiring users to enter injury information can now be enabled or disabled via Time Settings. Prior to this update, it was required that all users must enter injury information to punch out. While this is important information to capture, this may not be the workflow for many companies. When disabled, the injury prompt no longer appears in the mobile app nor is the information displayed in the web.


eSUB Time Kiosk

  • Employee Status - Kiosk has been updated to include an Employee Status screen to quickly view which employees are clocked in or on break. When an employee needs to clock out for the day, he/she doesn’t need to search or scroll to find their name as they are now pushed at the top of the screen.


  • Project Filter - In addition, a project filter has been added to the Employee Status screen. This enables the Foreman working on the “Jefferson High School Project” to see which of his employees have checked in. If he is looking for a specific employee on site and can’t find them, he can view the Employee Status screen to see that the employee is on break. Most importantly, he can see if his crew is working on a different project.


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