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Q4 2018 Product Updates

The eSUB Product Management and Development team released the following product enhancements in eSUB during the month of December.


BIM 360 Integration

  • Add New Project - The eSUB-BIM 360 Integration now provides the ability to add new BIM 360 project directly from eSUB to eliminate duplicate entry. When adding a new project in eSUB, selecting the check box for "Add Project in BIM 360" automatically creates a new project in BIM 360 and activates the Document Management service. 



Corporate Cost Summary Report

Because visibility into project costs is critical to improving labor productivity and managing a project proactively, the eSUB Team has developed a Corporate Cost Summary report. The report is accessible within eSUB’s Corporate Management section.  



The report serves as a master cost summary report capturing the cost information from all projects and users have the ability to further drill down to the project and cost code detail.




Updated Time Entry Web Form

eSUB's web-based Enter Time form has been updated to provide an improved user experience in the office and the field. The overall experience is designed to speed up time entry and editing from any device and from any location.

  • Responsive design for tablet use: Through a web-enabled internet browser, Foremen in the field are able to utilize eSUB Time web entry to easily enter time in and time out information for a crew. 

  • Multiple cost codes selection: Previously, users were only able to enter one cost code per employee at a time. By allowing users to enter multiple cost codes, this speeds up time entry for a Foreman when his crew works on multiple labor activities during the day.Time_multiple-cost-codes-2.JPG


  • In-line editing: The eSUB Time Entry Review screen has been updated to provide for in-line editing so user can make edits quickly and easily. 


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