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How do I back up my eSUB data?

How do I back up or download all of my companies data on eSUB?

eSUB serves as a customer’s central repository of project information. All project information and documentation are securely stored on eSUB cloud-based servers. Some customers choose to maintain a secondary backup of their project information. In order to save information from eSUB, customers can do the following:


  • Download PDF – eSUB offers the ability to download and save PDFs of various documents including Daily Report, Request For Information, etc along with the document’s attachments.
  • Export Document Logs – eSUB maintains a log of Daily Reports, RFIs, Submittals, Change Orders, etc for each project. Each document log in eSUB can be exported to Excel or printed.
  • Email – Every time a document is emailed from eSUB, the sender has the option to “Copy to Sender.” Checking this box creates a carbon copy of the email and document to the sender.
  • Export Time – Users with appropriate approval authority are able to export time card information.



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