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eSUB Email Signature Block Setup


Administrators may customize user's personal email signature block that displays on emails sent from eSUB.

Example: An RFI sent from eSUB displays the user's email signature block.


Table of Contents

Email Signature Block Setup

A user level of Administrator or higher is required.

  1. Go to Navigate > Administration
  2. Select the Edit (pencil) icon next to the user emailsig1.png
  3. Enter the desired text in the Email Signature field
  4. Select Save Data emailsig2.png

How to Add an Image to eSUB Email Signature Block

  1. Locate a web-hosted image/logo to use
  2. Right-click the image and select Copy Image emailsig3.png
  3. Paste the copied image into the Email Signature field
  4. Resize the image as desired
  5. Select Save Data
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