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Change Order Request Status Report

Manage existing eSUB Change Order Requests (COR) for the current Project.

Filter By:

COR Status - Select the COR status you would like to filter by (select "ALL COR" to include all status types.)

Click the Filter By button to view a log of all Change Order Requests meeting the selection criteria.


COR NO. GC RFI NO- Displays the number and revision of the Change Order Request along with any related GC Request For Information.

Subject - Displays the Change Order Request subject.

Comments - Displays comments for the associated Change Order Request.

Cost - Displays the total cost for the Change Order Reqeust.

Status - Displays the status of the Change Order Request.

Date Of Origin - Displays the date the Change Order Request was created.

Date Approved - Displays the date the Change Order Request was approved.

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