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eSUB Personalization

eSUB may be personalized to use your Company's logo, letterhead, signatures, etc.


eSUB utilizes a digital image of your Company's logo on all pages throughout the eSUB product. The logo that you provide to eSUB will become the default logo for all of your projects on your website.

While most subscribers only need the default logo, other subscribers have found it useful to have alternate logos for specific projects within the website. To use an alternate logo on a specific project follow these instructions:

  1. Select the project

  2. Uploads > Upload Corporate File or Uploads > Upload Project File.

  3. Select Files... > upload file

  4. Select Logo in the Upload Category field

  5. Enter an Upload Description that uniquely identifies the alternate logo

  6. Save Data

  7. Project > Setup > Project Preferences

  8. Select the logo under Project Logo

  9. We recommend leaving the Logo Height at 100 and the Logo Width at 0 although you may set them to whatever you wish.  Note:  a Logo Width of 0 proportionately sizes the alternate logo based upon the Logo Height

  10. Save Data


eSUB can use a digital image of your Company's letterhead on all printed documents throughout the eSUB product (RFIs, CORs, POs, Transmittals, Submittals, and Correspondence).

To use an alternate letterhead on a specific project follow these instructions:

    1. Navigate > Select Project

    2. Edit  icon to the left of the Project

    3. Uploads > Upload Project File

    4. Upload a graphic file and assign it an "Upload Category" of "Letterhead" (see Upload Project File)

    5. Project > Setup via the navigation bar

    6. Click the Project Preferences link

    7. Select your previously uploaded graphic in the "Project Letterhead" field


Printing Recommendations:

We recommend the following settings before printing eSUB documents:


Microsoft Internet Explorer™
  1. File > Page Setup…

  2. Set the Page Size to Letter, Portrait, Print Background Colors and Images, and Enable Shrink-to-Fit

  3. Margins (inches) set all to 0.5

  4. Headers & Footers set all to -Empty-

  5. Click the OK button


  1. File > Page Setup…

  2. Format & Options tab > set Orientation to Portrait and Options to Print  Background (colors & images)

  3. Headers & Header/Footers tab > set all Margins (inches) to 0.5

  4. Under Headers & Footers set all categories to --blank--

  5. Click the OK button


Google Chrome
  1. On your keyboard use Ctrl+P or Select the Customize and Control in the top right of the browser

  2. Print

  3. Layout set to Portrait

  4. Margins select Custom and set all to 0.5

  5. Options only select Background colors and images

  6. Print



eSUB can utilize digital images of the signatures of your Company's users on all printed documents throughout the eSUB product (RFIs, CORs, POs, Transmittals, Submittals, and Correspondence).  Once the signatures have been uploaded by eSUB to your website you may choose to grant access (use) of these signatures by following these steps:

  1. Navigate > Administration

  2. Company Setup > Add Signature

  3. Select Edit  icon next to the desired User's name

  4. Check the Grant Access box for each User to which you wish to grant use of the selected signature

  5. Click the Save Data button



Users who enter or edit one of the aforementioned documents must have access to the desired digital signatures.  This is especially important when one user creates the document and a different user subsequently edits the same document.  Consider the following scenario:

  • "User A" has access to the digital signature of "John Hancock".

  • "User B" does not have access to the digital signature of "John Hancock".

  • "User A" creates a document (e.g. RFI) and uses digital signature "John Hancock".

  • "User B" subsequently edits the document.

  • The document's Signature field reverts to "No Signature" because "User B" does not have the appropriate access.

  • If "User B" saves the document, it will be saved with "No Signature".

  • In order for "User B" to save the document with the original "John Hancock". signature, "User B" must be given access to that signature as described above.


You may modify most eSUB field labels to match your Company's business terminology (see Label Manager.)

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