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Create Meeting Minutes

Use eSUB Meeting Minutes as a Punchlist for your projects. You have the ability to create and assign items to contacts associated with the project. 

Copy From - Select existing meeting minutes that you wish to duplicate in order to use as a basis for a new meeting minutes log.  


Meeting Minutes Subject - Enter the subject of the meeting.

Meeting Minutes Date - Enter the creation date of the meeting.

Prepared By - Select the person who is creating the meeting minutes record.

Attendees - Enter the people who attended the meeting.

Line Items

Item Number - Enter the number of the item. Line items are placed in chronological order. If item number break downs, i.e., (4-1, 4-2) are required use a hyphen (-) instead of a decimal place (.) to ensure the list is sorted properly.

Line Subject - Enter the subject of the meeting line item.

Notes - Enter the meeting notes.

Responsible - Select the person responsible for the item.

Enter Date - Enter the start and due date of the line item.

Closed - Check the box if item is completed.

Add new - Enter a new line item from the meeting.

Schedule Next Meeting

Next Meeting - Enter the subject of the next meeting.

Next Meeting Date - Enter the date of the next meeting.

Next Meeting Time - Enter the time of the next meeting.

Next Meeting Location - Enter the location of the next meeting.

Save Data - Save the meeting minutes log.

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