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Entering Transmittals / Submittals

This video is on how to enter a transmittal or a submittal.  It reviews copying from a previous one, types, line items, viewing, attaching files, emailing, search for, adding reminders, approving, and voiding. 


Entering Submittals 

  1. Once you've selected the correct project, hover over the "Enter" menu and select "Submittals. 
    • Use the "Copy From" option if you're copying from a previous Submittal. 
    • Select the type of document you'd like to create, Submittal, Transmittal or Release Transmittal
    • Enter in all the required information. (Fields in red are required)
    • Save the Submittal at the bottom of the screen
  2. Next Enter/Edit Submittal Line Items
    • After entering all the required information, click on Save Data option to save the line. 
    • From the Submittal line items at the bottom of the page, click on  to attach eSUB notes or files from your computer to the Submittal line item. 
    • After uploading the attachment, be sure to click "CHECK TO
      ATTACH" option and then save to include the attachment to the Submittal line item.
  3. Once the Submittal has been created and attachments have been uploaded to the line items, it's ready to be emailed. 
    • From the attachments page click on "Email Submittal" 
    • Select the email recipient from the contacts available in the selection menu and select if any recipients should be CC'd or if you'd like to CC the sender
    • Enter the email subject line
    • Make sure the line item attachments are included
    • Click "Send Email"
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