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Create eSUB Contacts

Enter a new eSUB Contact. Any fields in red are required fields.  



Base new contact on

Select an existing Contact from the drop down menu on which to base the new Contact.  Making a selection will populate the new Contact's data fields with the information from the selected Contact.  However, the following fields will be empty (since they would not be same for the selected and new Contacts):

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Mobile No

  • Pager No

  • Home No

  • Email Address

Note:  using this option will only import the address of the selected Contact that is associated with this Project (not multiple addresses.)  Therefore you should use this option from within the Project that is associated with the address that you wish your new Contact to have.

First Name - Enter the first name of the Contact.

Last Name - Enter the last name of the Contact.

Company Name - Enter the company name of the Contact.

Title - Enter the title of the Contact.

Notes - Enter notes about the Contact.

Contact Type - Select the contact type for the Contact.

Address Information - The following fields comprise the initial address for this Contact; a Contact may be associated with multiple addresses (see Edit Contact and Add Address.)

  • Address (line 1) - Enter the first address line of the Contact.
  • Address (line 2) - Enter the second address line of the Contact.
  • Address (line 3) - Enter the third address line of the Contact.
  • City - Enter the city of the Contact.
  • State / Province - Enter the state / province of the Contact.
  • ZIP / Post Code - Enter the ZIP / post code of the Contact.
  • Phone No - Enter the telephone number of the Contact.
  • Fax No - Enter the fax number of the Contact.
  • Mobile No - Enter the mobile telephone number of the Contact.
  • Pager No - Enter the pager number of the Contact.
  • Toll Free No - Enter the toll free telephone number of the Contact.
  • Home - Enter the home telephone number of the Contact.
  • Email Address - Enter the email address of the Contact.
  • Website - Enter the website address of the Contact.

Accounting Integration

  • Vendor ID - Enter the Vendor ID relative to a vendor contact in your current accounting system.

Click the Save Data button to accept the entered data and file the Contact in your eSUB database. 


Next Step...

  • After you have added the new Contact the Edit Contact page will be presented so that you may associate the Contact with specific eSUB Projects (see Notes above.)

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