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Edit / Assign Labor Activity

Edit and/or assign an existing Labor Activity for the Company. Labor Activities define specific work-related tasks performed by your Company. Access this from the project management menu by going to Project>Setup

Labor Activities may be assigned to Projects via the Display/Hide buttons.

Display/Hide Labor Activities:

Code - Edit the code by which you identify the Labor Activity.

Labor Activity - Edit the descriptive name of the Labor Activity.

Active On Form(s) - Select which forms on which the Labor Activity should appear.

Display - Select this button to display the Labor Activity on the corresponding Project.

Hide - Select this button to hide the Labor Activity on the corresponding Project.

Used - Displays how many time this Labor Activity has been used on the corresponding Project.

Click the Save Data button to accept the edited data and file the Labor Activity in your eSUB database.



  • After saving you will be returned to the Add Labor Activity page.

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