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Project Preferences Time Card Setup

Set your Project's preferences about how eSUB handles certain fields and data; Project Preferences affects only the current Project.

Timecards (Forms)

Work Week Default

Select the work week that will appear as the default work week on Enter Timecard.

Week Ending Day

Select the day of the week that is your Company's payroll week ending day.

Per Diem Pay Threshold

Enter the number of hours per day at which per diem pay begins to be accrued by the employee.

Timecard Review Page Duration

Enter the number of seconds to display the timecard review page before the page refreshes to enter a new timecard.

Display All Labor Activities

Select "Yes" to display all labor activities on the Enter Timecard / Edit / Approve Timecards; select "No" to display only those labor activities having estimated hours.

Click the Save Data button to accept the entered data and file the Project Preferences in your eSUB database.



  • Project Preferences affect only the current Project.

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