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Edit Daily Report

Edit your Daily Report to edit or delete all information that originally entered.  If you are about to Edit information that has already been approved in Timecards, a message will warn you.

From the navigation bar, Logs > Daily Reports > Edit icon .


This video is on how to edit and revise documents.  It includes creating revisions, and document numbering.


How to Edit

  1. From the DR Log, select the Edit icon  next to the Daily Report you'd like to edit.
  2. Edit the information
    • A user can change the date of a Daily Report Entry. When the Date is edited the changes carry over to Timesheets. If the Daily Report is edited, so is the Timecard (unless approved).
    • You will notice that the Date box is now showing up in red and you will be able to easily update the date (unless approved). 
  3. Select “Save Data” at bottom of page.
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