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Employee Log

View and administer existing Employees for the Company.  

Search Box

Employee Status

Select the status of the Employees that you wish to display (select "All" if you wish to include all statuses.)  The default setting is to display only active Employees.


Enter text to limit the search to those Employees having such text in the first or last name of the Employee.

Click the Search button to view a log of all Employees meeting the selection criteria.


Log (Current Employees)


Displays various Action Icons that allow you to manage an existing Employee.

    Click to edit the associated Employee.

Employee No

Displays the number of the Employee.

Employee Name

Displays the name of the Employee.

Market Area

Displays the Market Area of the Employee.

Labor Class

Displays the labor class of the Employee.


Displays the status of the Employee.  Click the link to toggle the status between "Active" and "Inactive".


Next Step...

  • Employees may be edited via Edit Employee by clicking the Edit  icon next to the Employees listed in the log.

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