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Import Labor Activities

This page instructs you how to get your labor activities into eSUB.  This may be done by exporting your activities into an Excel™ spreadsheet and emailing to eSUB Support at

Creating a Microsoft Excel™ export file via another third-party application or from scratch

Navigate the third-party application's File Menu to locate an "export" function

The resulting export file must be saved as a Microsoft Excel™ file.

or, Navigate the Microsoft Excel™ File menu to "New..."

The resulting export file must be saved as a Microsoft Excel™ file.

*** Export File Format ***

The export file must have the following headings in Row 1 of the spreadsheet, please see attached template:

  • Code
  • Description

Create or modify the Microsoft Excel™ export file

Navigate the File menu to "Open..."

This opens Open dialog browser:

  • Select the export file that was created via Microsoft Outlook™ in the previous step
  • There should be a single "sheet" in the spreadsheet entitled "Activities"; if not then rename it to "Activities" and delete any extraneous sheets.
  • Delete any duplicate labor activities (that is, any labor activities that already exist in your eSUB database.)
  • Save the spreadsheet.

Import File Path

Enter the full file path of the file to import (created in previous steps; this must be a Microsoft Excel™ Spreadsheet with a file extension of ".xls".)  Click the Browse... button to find the file on your computer or network.

Click the Import File button to import the contact file and proceed to Form 2.

All Projects

Select whether the Labor Activity should be displayed or hidden on all current Projects.

Active On Form(s)

Select which forms on which the Labor Activity should appear.

Click the Save Data button to update your eSUB database.


  • This utility does not guard against importing duplicate labor activities into the existing database.  Modify the Excel spreadsheet import file by deleting duplicates prior to importing.
  • After importing, the labor activities will be added to the database and you will be returned to this page.

Next Step...

  • You may set the display/hide property for any Labor Activity on individual Projects via Edit/Assign Labor Activity.
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