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Enter Correspondence

Enter new eSUB Correspondence for the current Project.

Correspondence Templates

Displays Correspondence templates. Click on a template name to create new correspondence letter. 

Custom Correspondence Number

eSUB will automatically generate a sequential identification number for this Correspondence; this may be optionally overridden by entering a custom number for the Correspondence.


Select the project contact (see Project Contacts) sending the Correspondence. Only active Contacts appear as a selection.


Select one or more Project Contacts to whom you wish to email the Correspondence. Only active Contacts appear as a selection.  Multiple Contacts may be selected by using the control and/or shift keys along with the mouse; this will produce multiple eSUB Correspondence documents.


Enter the subject of the Correspondence (eSUB defaults this to the Correspondence type.)


Enter a short note regarding the focus the Correspondence.


Select the salutation to apply to the Correspondence.


Select the signature to apply to the Correspondence.  If a manual signature line is preferred select "signed by hand".  Only those signatures for whom the User has been granted access are available for selection.

[ Text ]

Depending upon the Correspondence type one or more additional fields may be presented for data entry.

Issue Link

Select any issue to which this Correspondence should be linked.

Click the Save Data button to accept the entered data and file the Correspondence in your eSUB database.

Next Step...

  • Once Correspondence has been entered it will appear on the Correspondence  Log from which it may be edited, emailed, viewed, etc.

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