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Labor Activity Percent Complete Forecast

Enter / edit the percent complete for each Labor Activity of a selected System / Phase for the current Project.

System / Phase

Select the System / Phase for which you wish to limit the display.

Click the Select button to view the Labor Activity percentage complete figures for the selected System / Phase.


No. - Displays the Labor Activity code.

Labor Activity - Displays the description of the Labor Activity.

Total Est Hours - Displays the total estimated hours for the Labor Activity.

Used Hours - Displays the used hours for the Labor Activity.

Percent Complete - Enter / Edit the percent complete of the Labor Activity.  

  • When "Total Est Hours" is zero, "Percent Complete" must be 100%.  

  • When "Used Hours" is zero, "Percent Complete" must be 0% or 100%.

Proj Rem Hours - Displays the projected remaining hours of the Labor Activity.

% Of Efficiency - Display the percent of efficiency of the Labor Activity.

Click the Save Data button to accept the edited data and file the Percent Completes in your eSUB database.



  • Depending upon the size of your eSUB database, it may be more efficient to limit the display to a particular System / Phase; selecting "All" System / Phases may be time intensive.

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