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Project Percent Complete Forecast

Enter / edit a Percent Complete Forecast by month for the current Project.

Starting Month / Year - Select the starting month and year to display on the forecast table.

Months to Forecast - Enter the number of months to display on the forecast table.

Click the Select button to accept the selected data and display the forecast table.


Table (Percent Complete Forecast)

Forecast As Of... - Displays the month and year in which the forecast is being made.

[ Month / Year ] - Enter / edit the forecasted percent complete for each month / year.

Click the Save Data button to accept the entered / edited data and file the Percent Complete Forecast in your eSUB database.



  • Preceding months may not be entered or edited, but represent the history of your past estimates of the percent complete for the Project.

  • Review this page periodically to compare how the current Project is progressing according to your forecasts.

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