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Export Payroll Data

Export Payroll data for subsequent download to a third-party financial package such as QuickBooks™, Sage 300™, Forefront™, Foundation for Windows™, Jonas Accounting™ or Viewpoint™.

Export File No - Enter the number by which you identify the export file.

Financial Package - Displays the third-party financial package for which this export file will be downloaded.  

The value for this field is determined by the current value of the Financial Package field on the Company Preferences page.

Starting Date - Enter the starting date of timecard data to include in the export file.

Ending Date - Enter the ending date of timecard data to include in the export file.

Click the Save Data button to accept the entered data and file the export data in your eSUB database.

Current Payroll Export Files

Action - Displays various Action Icons that allow you to manage an existing export file.

    Click to edit the associated export file.

    Click to view the associated export file.


Export File No - Displays the number of the export file.

Starting Date - Displays the starting date of the export file.

Ending Date - Displays the ending date of the export file.

Amount - Displays the total amount of the export file.



  • After saving the export file will be added to the Current Payroll Export Files log and you will be returned to this page.

  • Only timecard data for Projects having the "Payroll Live" field checked on Edit Project will be included in the export file.

Next Step...

  • Export files may be viewed (and downloaded) by clicking the View  icon next to the newly created export file in the log at the bottom of the page.

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