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Approve Change Order Request

Approve or void an existing eSUB Change Order Request (COR) by clicking from the Change Order Request Log.


Displays the Change Order Request number and revision.

Quoted Date

Displays the quoted creation date of the Change Order Request.

Quoted Amount

Displays the quoted amount of the Change Order Request.

Action Date

Enter the date on which the Change Order Request status is modified.

Approved Amount

Enter the amount approved on the Change Order Request.

COR Status

Select the status of the Change Order Request.

Click the Save Data button to accept the approval data and file the Change Order Request in your eSUB database.



  • A warning is displayed if the COR has a later revision already on file.

Next Step...

  • Existing Change Order Requests appear on the Change Order Request Log from which it may be edited, emailed, viewed, etc.

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