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Daily Report Log

How to view, manage, and search for Daily Reports on your project.  See Daily Report Overview video.


Quick Links

These links are available on your Log for easy access to reports related to your Daily Report Log.  These reports are also available from the navigation bar under Reports.

Print Multiple Daily Reports

Print a date range of Daily Reports.


Labor Activity Summary

View a breakout of the Labor Activity hours used on your Daily Reports.  


Equipment Usage Summary

View a breakout of hours each piece of equipment has been used on your Daily Reports.


Hours Lost Summary

View a list of Hours Lost on your Daily Reports.

Exporting and Printing Logs

Two options are available to export and print your log.  The logs will reflect what you Search For in your database.  For example, if you Search For Daily Reports that have Hours Lost on them and open Excel Version, only the Daily Reports that have Hours Lost will show on your report.  In essence your Log is a great place to create a report based on your predetermined criteria.

Excel™ Version

Opens a Microsoft Excel version of your log.  This is useful for editing the log, such as deleting unnecessary columns you don’t want to appear before printing.  The DR No is a hyperlink and can be used to quickly open the Daily Report.

Printer Version

Opens a printer friendly version of your log.  The DR No is a hyperlink and can be used to quickly open the Daily Report.

Search Box

Search across your Daily Reports for specified criteria.  The results will reflect when you open Excel Version or Printer Version.  To clear criteria, delete what is entered and select “Search For” again.



Search for DR No, including partial searches.  For example, you can Search for 1 and the Daily Reports shown will be 1, 10, 11, 12, etc.



Searches for Communication with others, Schedule/Coordination Issues, Extra Work/Favors, Accident Report, Comments/Problems, and Internal Comments.


Hours Lost > 0

Select this option to view Daily Reports where Hours Lost were reported.


Action items available on Daily Reports are Edit, Attach, Email, View, and Calendar or Reminder.


Option to sort by DR No and Date, these changes will reflect on the Excel Version and Printer Version.

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