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Add Phase

Think of a Phase as a floor/level of a building. Multiple Phases may belong to a single System.

Phase No

Enter the code by which you identify the System.

Phase Name

Enter a descriptive name of the System.

Parent Project / System

Select the Project / System to which this Phase belongs.

Last COR No

Enter the last change order request number used on this Phase.

Estimated Cost

Enter the estimated cost for this Phase.  The display/suppression of this field is set via Company Preferences.

Click the Save Data button to accept the entered data and file the Phase in your eSUB database.


Log (Current Phases)


Displays various Action Icons that allow you to manage an existing Phase.

    Click to edit the associated Phase.

Phase No

Displays the number of the Phase.

Phase Name

Displays the name of the Phase.

Parent System

Displays the name of the Phase's parent System.

Parent Project

Displays the name of the Phase's parent Project.

Last COR No

Displays the last Change Order Request number used on the Phase.

Orig Est Hours

Displays the original estimated hours for the Phase.

COR Est Hours

Displays the Change Order Request estimated hours for the Phase.



  • After saving the Phase will be added to the Current Phases log and you will be returned to this page.

  • When a new Project is added (via Add Project) a default Phase record for the Project's initial System is also created.  This default record's number is "PHS001" with a description of "DEFAULT Phase".  You may edit this record and assign it the proper number and description of the initial Phase for your Project's initial System.

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