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Labor Class

Enter a new Labor Class for the Company.  Labor Classes define your Company's work classifications and associated pay rate.

Users Who Can Access

Executive Administrator


Current Labor Classes


Displays Action Icons that allow you to manage existing

    Edit information and projects it shows on

Labor Class

Description of labor class

Pay Rate

The rate utilized to calculate labor cost on Reports


Active items show on projects, Inactive items do not show on projects

New Labor Class

      1. Navigate > Administration
      2. Company Setup > Labor Class
      3. Complete required information
      4. Save Data

Edit Labor Class

      1.  Edit (pencil icon) next to labor class
      2. Update labor class information
      3. Save Data


  • If there is a "-" on the Hide column, the labor class has been used on the project and may not be hid.


Inactivate Labor Class

Inactivating labor class when you are no longer using it.

      1. Select Active next to labor class

Active Labor Class

Activate when you use a labor class that has been inactivated.

      1. Labor Class Status "Inactive" > Search For...
      2. Select Inactive next to labor class.
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