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Bid Project Tracking

Add Project

The first step in tracking bid projects is to Add Project.  From the navigation pane to go Navigate > Add Project.

As with any new project, the only required fields are: Project Status, Project No, and Project Name.  You can change this information at any time.  For a bid project, you might only need to enter the required fields and the Bid Amount.

Project Milestone

Project Milestones also allow you to add a Calendar or Reminder.  You can do this by selecting the icon to the right of each Project Milestone.  You can add it to your external calendar, create an eSUB Reminder, or send a text message.

Configure Project

Once you Save Data, your project database is created and the Configure Project page is displayed.  As a bid project you might want to add Contacts and Users.

Add Contacts to Project

Select the Add Contacts to Project and check all of the contacts and addresses you’d like to show up for your bid project.  If there are some contacts and addresses that have already been selected, that is because when the Contact was originally setup add to new projects was selected.  You can always deselect those contacts now.

Select Project

To view a list of your bid projects go to Navigate > Select Project.  Search For by Project Status to view the Bid, Bid Won, or Bid Lost projects.  This view can show you the Project Manager as well as the Estimated Hours you have entered for the project.  To enter the Project Module select the Project Module icon (dollar sign) or select the project name.


You can also Search For Project No, Project, and People.

Edit Project Information

To edit a Bid Project, or any project, select the edit icon (pencil) next to the project name.  This brings you back to the initial Add Project screen where you can update the Project No, change the Project Status, update the Project Name, or add any other information you now have.


Corporate Management

Corporate Management gives you an overview of your Bid Projects.  From the navigation bar go to Navigate > Corporate.

Search For Bid Projects to see the Total Contracts amount and As Planned hours.  You can also Search For Bid Won and Bid Lost to see the same information for the other project statuses.


See a corporate view of Milestones by navigating within the Corporate Module to Corporate > Milestones.  Search for Bid Projects.  This corporate view shows you the milestones of all your Bid projects and gives you the ability to export them to an Excel® document.


The corporate calendar works the way it does from the Project Module.  Navigate to Corporate > Calendar.  Search for Bid Projects to see a calendar view of your bid projects milestones.

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