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Tracking Material Cost by System/Phase/Activity

Material cost estimates and actual cost can be tracked back to a specific System, Phase and or Labor Activity for material cost tracking.

Section 1 (Project Setup - Entering Estimated Material Cost by Phase)


The first step in setting up a project with the desired systems phases and related activities ( more information Add Project ). Next you will enter the estimated material cost by phase and labor activity. This may done via Project Setup by clicking "Add Estimated Labor and Material Cost" and you will be taken to the following page:  

This page shows you the total for the estimates you have put in by phase. To add or edit click the  for the Phase you would like to update the material cost estimates for you will see the following form:

Enter the "Est Material Cost" for the associated material and or equipment costs with the specific Labor activity (including other cost) in that Phase and click Save. Repeat as needed for additional systems and phase on your job to build the Grand Total of estimated cost. If you enter estimated material cost by Phase it will populate the estimated material cost on your Contract Amounts .


Section 2 (Tracking Cost in PO’s (Purchase Orders))


After hitting Save Data on a Enter Purchase Order screen you will be taking to “Enter PO Line Item”. When entering or editing PO Line items you will have the ability to track a line item's cost back to a specific System/Phase and or an Activity

After adding all your PO line items and their associated System/Phase and or an Activity click


Section 3 (Maintaining and Tracking Material Cost)


In the reports section you will be able to track Estimated Material Cost, Actual Material Cost and % of Budget used by System/Phase and or Labor Activity.  You can filter the information by selecting System/Phase and or activity then clicking “Query Data”. For more information Material Cost Summary


Note:  (Material Estimates)

If you used the Add Material Cost section all your data will be available in the "Material and Labor Activity Estimates". To view and edit old Material Estimates click  next to "Material Estimates".



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