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Create Daily Report

This video is a on how to create, copy from, comments, crews, systems, phases, labor activity, work type, employees, add line, lost hours, deleting, equipment, issues, populate timecards, edit, attach, email, and view. See Daily Report Setup video.



Copy From

The Copy From function allows you to copy from any daily report you have already entered.

Custom Number

If left blank, your system will number your daily reports for you.  It is never recommended you enter a custom number within eSUB.


Today’s date will populate, which may be changed before saving.

Time On Site, Time Off Site

The time your company has spent on a jobsite can be documented here.  To default these, navigate to, Project > Setup > Project Preferences > DRs tab > update information > Save Data.

Total Workers

This field will complete for you once you save the daily report, based on how many Employees you have.

Report From

Select who is submitting the daily report.  Names in the drop down are populate from the Contact Log of Employees.  To add a contact, navigate to, Contacts > Add Contact.

Weather, Wind, Temperature

Information will update for you based on the city and state, or zip code entered. To update, navigate to, Project > Edit > update information > Save Data.

Comments (8 different fields)

Log notes and occurrences of the day.  Using different sections will create different sections on your daily report.  Checking the Internal box will mark the comments as internal only comments.  Viewing, printing, and emailing will give you an option to print with or without internal comments.

My Crew

Add a different crew when you enter employees for different System and Phase (if applicable), Labor Activity, and Base Contract.  Crew may be deleted by selecting the white "X" in the right corner of the crew box.

System and Phase

If you use system and phase on a project, select which this employee(s) will be charged to.  System and phases can be setup by navigating to, Project > Setup > Configure Project > Add System and Add Phase.

Labor Activity

Select activity the employee(s) worked on.  See Add Labor Activity.

Work Type

Select what contract amount will charge against.


Select employees that worked on this particular crew.  See Adding Employees for Timecards video.  Employees may be deleted by selecting the red "X" in the right corner of the employee line.

1x, 1.5x, 2x, Lost

Regular time, time and a half, double time, and hours lost on a project.  If hours are lost, the comments field for this line item is mandatory.


Comments for this employee line.  If there are hours Lost, this field becomes mandatory.


Select a subcontractor contact and add the number of workers that were on site that day.


Select equipment used this day, including hours and notes.  See Add Equipment.


Select materials used this day, including quantity, and notes.  See Add Material.

Issues Link

Select an issue to link a topic to this and other documents.  To enter an issue, navigate to, Enter >Issues.

New Daily Report


    1. Complete fields as outlined above.  Required fields are red.
    2. Save Data

Edit Daily Report

DR Log

    1.  Edit (pencil icon) next to daily report.
    2. Update daily report information.
    3. Save Data.
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