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Configuring Sage 300 to work with the eSUB Connector


  • Job Numbers must match between eSUB and Sage, and must be numeric

Rules - The eSUB Sage 300 Connector supports importing Job Cost To Date data only. Therefore you cannot push records to the Sage 300 Timberline system.

Configure Sage 300 Timberline - There are a few steps you'll need to take in Sage 300 Timberline to ensure Job Cost to Date data can be pushed from Sage to eSUB. 

    • Uninstall any existing eSUB Sage 300 Connector if it exists. If it does not exist, you may have to do the following 2 Sage security steps



  • Set up a new Sage Security User. Follow the steps below to create a user that doesn't count against your Sage 300 logins. The Windows user isn't required for. The Sage 300 user must have a password. Remember that User Name and Password for the Connector setup later.


    • Next you'll want to create a new custom Role for the new user. Creating this new role that is only accessing Sage 300 via an ODBC connection will make sure the user doesn't count against your logins.
    • From the users page click on "Add a role" and select the "Tasks" option.
    • Expand and check all the boxes for the "Address Book", "Job Cost" and "ODBC" and click OK 

    • Next make sure the newly created user is selected and update the role

  • Click the Companies tab and select the company of the user

  • As a last step log out of Sage completely and login as the newly created user, next access the Job Cost module in Sage 300 and confirm that you are able to open it up with out issue. Once this has been confirmed the user is fully setup.


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