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Configuring eSUB to work with Sage 300 CRE Connector


Prior to configuring eSUB to work with the Sage 300 CRE Connector you will need an API key and must have installed the connector on the machine that is running Sage 300 CRE. Please contact eSUB customer support to obtain an API key.


Follow the steps below to configure your eSUB account online. 

  1. The client will need to navigate the eSUB account preferences page. To get their have them go to Navigate>Administration>Company Preferences>Accounting Preferences

      • Please note that if the customer hasn't gotten an API key they will not be able to configure this page until one has been generated for them
    • Next you will need use the drop down menu to select the correct financial package Sage 300 CRE (Connector)
  2. Sage DSN stands for the Sage data source name. This can be found by searching for the ODBC Data Source on the customers machine. Under the Driver column, look for Timberline Data and enter the name found under the name column. 
    • The Sage Data Path is the folder path that the customer's Sage 300 CRE data is stored. This file path can be seen when selecting the company to open in Sage 300 CRE. This is the file path that will need to be entered into the accounting preferences page. 
    • Next enter in the Sage username and password
  3. Click Save Data to complete the Accounting Preferences page setup

    • Click Start Connector to begin the sync process. 


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