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How do I make the Scheduling export PDF print larger?

When I attempt to export a PDF from the Scheduling module, it shrinks everything onto one page, which makes it small and difficult to read. Is there another way to print the PDF so it is more legible?

There are several settings that can be adjusted in order to allow the Scheduling export PDF to be more "printer friendly".  If changing the page orientation to Landscape when printing is not enough, try the steps below:

Adjust View Settings

You can easily change the way the Scheduler is viewed so that it appears more condensed. Try selecting "Month" on the Zooming setting, and selecting "Workdays" on the Display setting. 

Adjust PDF Export Timeframe

If you have a lengthy project, it may be a good idea to shorten the timeframe that is being exported to PDF. For instance, instead of exporting 12 months of a project, try just exporting one month at a time.

Printing PDF as Banner in Adobe Reader

Recent versions of Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader allow large documents to be printed in "tiles", spanning multiple pages, instead of being shrunk to fit on one page.

How to print posters and banners using Acrobat or Reader



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