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How do I highlight text on eSUB documents?

How do I highlight text on eSUB documents?

You can customize certain text fields on documents within eSUB by using simple HTML tags. This can serve to draw the reader’s eye to important details, or allow the document creator to add their own emphasis to text within the document.

Some things to keep in mind before beginning:

  • Not all fields/document types support this feature
  • User agrees that the use of HTML on eSUB documents is done at their own discretion and is not necessarily recommended or supported by eSUB

The following HTML tags may be used:



<b>Example Text</b>

<i>Example Text</i>

<mark>Example Text</mark>

Bold Text

Emphasized Text

Highlighted Text

The following images illustrate how simple HTML tags might be used to draw emphasis to details on a Request for Information:

Example 1: Document Edit Page

Example 2: Document View/PDF Page


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